Monday, November 14, 2016

Hello there! I hope you all are having a great Monday! This week was really great for me and Hermana Kunz. First I want to update you all on what happened a couple weeks ago because I wasn't able to write a letter last week! (Sorry!)

FERNANDO GOT BAPTIZED! He is the older man that we found about two months ago that was going to get baptized in March but then backed out. He is so great and we were super excited to be able to be a part of his conversion. He was so prepared it was awesome! So hermana Kunz and I went to the chapel to clean everything the morning before his baptism. We cleaned the floors and chairs and even the baptismal font. As we filled the font we realized the water heater didn't work.. It had broken. So Fernando had to get baptized in cold water. And let me just tell you, the water here in Arequipa is freeezing! I have no idea why but it's just super cold. We felt bad but Fernando was a good sport about it and the most important thing is that he was baptized!

We were walking on the street this last week and a younger man comes up to us and asks if we're missionaries, he said him and his wife are members but less active and want to go back to church! Guys, this never happens as a missionary! Haha we're always the ones that have to contact other people! We went to their house 3 times last week and they're amazing!! They have two kids, one is 1 and a half and the other is only 3 weeks old. We started teaching them the lessons and we're going to go to church with them on Sunday! The best part is they're getting married on the 26th of this month!! Of course we're going to their wedding (: I'll keep you all updated on them and send pictures this next week!

Hermana Kunz and I made quesadillas this last week! It was like a taste of home haha. Also we didn't realize how much mexican food we eat in the states..and how much we miss it haha. Typical plates here consist of rice and potatoes and chicken but you'd be surprised how many varieties of rice and potatoes and chicken there are! Last Pday we went to lunch with Hermana Johnson, our mission presidents wife, at a super delicious crepe place! We're definitely going back today! Also there's this member in our ward thats a cosmetologist and she does naturally we asked if she'd be able to do facials for us haha. It was the best! 

Alright so this Thursday I will hit my one year mark in the mission. ONE YEAR! So many emotions I don't know how to feel. It has definitely been the quickest year of my life! What's even greater is I get to spend it with my comp, hermana Kunz! We started our missions together, so we'll both be completing one year. I've been thinking a lot about where I was when I started the mission and where I am now. Before I left home, everyone told me that the people in Peru needed to hear my testimony and that I was going to make a difference in the lives of the people here. But no one ever told me how much I needed the mission. I can't even begin to explain to you how much I needed it. The mission has changed my life and I've learned so many things that I know I wouldn't have been able to learn at home. My testimony of the truthfulness of the church has grown immensely. Serving a mission was the greatest decision I've ever made. I have come to know my Savior in ways I never thought were possible. He gave his life so I could have mine. If Christ can give his whole life for me, I can give him 18 months..and I'll still forever be indebted to him. I'm super grateful for the time that I have in the mission and for the time I have left. Gotta make the most of it and work my hardest these last 6 months!

Cuidense (:

Hermana Celardo

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