Monday, April 17, 2017

This week was a good one! My companion and I being sister leaders in Tacna traveled to Arequipa for a day for a leadership conference and it was so inspiring and really have me the motivation to work hard these last couple weeks of my mission! We talked a lot about how we can work better with the members to receive more references. For all you members of the church out there reading this right now, help the missionaries out!! Prepare people for them to teach! They can't do their work alone! It is absolutely necessary to have the help and support from the members. We have had support from the members here in our area and honestly it's made the biggest difference! We have seen so many miracles thanks to the members that have helped us out!

Alright so today lets talk about prophets. Lets start from the beginning. Adam. He was the first man to come to earth. He lived with Eve in paradise in a place called the garden of Eden. They were given instruction to not eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge or good and evil, but we know how the story goes. They ate the fruit. So as a consequence they were cast out of paradise, out of the garden of Eden. They had also been commanded to multiply and replenish the earth, so thats what they did. They started their family. They had many kids, but among them were two named Cain and Abel. Cain rebelled against the teachings of his father and chose to follow Satan, so much that Cain was tempted to kill his brother Abel. And he did exactly that. The people started to give into Satans temptations as well. They started to reject the prophet, Adam, and his teachings. So what does God do when the people reject His prophet? He takes the prophet away form the earth because the people are not ready to follow his guidance.

So the world was in sad state of apostasy, when there is no prophet to guide the people. But God loves his children and he wants them to prosper and understand how to return to His presence, so He called another prophet.

His name was Noah and Noah was instructed to build an ark and testify to the people that a flood would come. The people were wicked, so they did not follow the guidance of the prophet. And when the flood came, these people that didnt listen to the prophet were killed.

There was also the prophet Abraham. He was instructed by God to sacrifice his son, Isaac. Abraham traveled for days to a mountain and even built an altar to do it. Right when he was about to sacrifice Isaac, an angel came to him and told him not to. But he was blessed because he obeyed Gods orders. There were two cities called Sodom and Gomorrah where the people were known to be extremely disobedient and wicked. God told Abraham that he was going to destroy them. Abraham wanted to find righteous people to live there, but that wasnt enough and the two cities were burned.

Then there was Moses. He led the Israelites out of Egypt. He even opened the Red Sea by the power of God so that the people could pass and the people were happy, but started to complain and rebel. Moses went to speak to God in private and was given the 10 commandments. But when Moses returned to his people, they were worshipping a golden calf with sacrifices and burnt offerings.

In the old testament we see a pattern of this. God calls a prophet, the people obey and are happy. The people rebel and turn wicked, and God takes away the prophet because the people are not worthy nor ready to receive His direction.
God then sent His son, Jesus Christ to the earth. He sent His son to die to save us from our sins, but also to establish a church. And thats what he did! Jesus established his church. Jesus was also a prophet because he spoke with God to receive revelation to guide his people. He also had the power of God, called the priesthood. All the prophets have this power. Moses used this power to open the Red Sea and Jesus used it to cure the sick and work miracles among his people. He also gave this power to his 12 apostles.

But what happened with Jesus

Christ? The people crucified him. They rejected him. And they rejected his 12 apostles. After the death of Jesus Christ and his 12 apostles, the church that he established was taken away from the earth. And the world fell into another apostacy. There was no more prophet to guide the people, there was no communication from God, and there was no authority or power from God on the earth.

So what do you think happened next? Wouldn't it makes sense that God calls another prophet to reveal more of His will to his children? God loves us, He wants us to return to His presence, and we cannot do that unless we have guidance from a prophet. We NEED modern revelation. The world is not as it was back in the times of Adam and Moses. So don't you think it would be fair and make sense that God called another prophet?

It is my testimony that God called another prophet. He called another prophet to restore the same church that Christ established when he was here on the earth. The exact same church.. with a prophet, priesthood authority, modern revelation and 12 apostles.

Watch the video below to find out more about this prophet and how he restored Christ's church.

Have a fantastic week everyone (:

Hermana Celardo


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