Monday, December 5, 2016

Well, I got a transfer. It definitely was not something hna Kunz and I were expecting, but I will go where the Lord needs me to go! And apparently he needs me in Tacna. It's far from Arequipa, about a 6 hour bus ride. It's the farthest city down south here in Peru. I'm basically almost in Chile haha. I've only been here for a couple hours but I like it! The streets are flat so I'm glad I won't have to be hikinh up any hills anymore haha. My companion is hna Navarro, she's form Lima. We were in the MTC together! So I'll most definitely be here for Christmas. OH also remember the sister missionary that I trained? Hermana Estela? Well she's going to be training a new missionary! That makes me a grandma!!! Whenever someone trains a new missionary, we say that the trainer is the parent and the trainee is the kid. So hermana estela is my ¨daughter¨ and now the missionary that she will train is my granddaughter(: Im a grandma! I think that means I'm getting pretty old in the mission and I don't know how to feel about that..
This last week was pretty great because we had a baptism! Hermana Kunz and I's last baptism was Saturday! It was super beautiful and we really felt the Spirit.
This last week we passed through a lot of hardships and trials concerning other sister missionaries. As hermana leaders, it's our job to help them whenever there's problems with whatever they need. One thing I learned from this, is the importance of forgiveness. Heavenly Father is so merciful with us. Even when we make mistakes, even when we really don't deserve his love, he is always there to welcome us with open arms. It is so important for us to follow this example. We have to forgive others. We cannot deny the healing power of the Atonement and hold grudges. I'm so grateful for my trials because they make me stronger and I always learn how I can be a better person.
Sorry this email was a little short but I didnt have much time today because today is transfers! I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Hermana Celardo

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