Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hello my people!
It twas another great week here in Peru. Tomorrow marks 1 month since
I’ve been out! Crazy! Time really does go by so fast when you’re a
missionary. So every two weeks new missionaries come to the MTC.
Latinos only stay for two weeks, North Americans stay for 6. We stay
longer since we have to learn a new language. Your first two weeks
here you’re considered beginners, the next two weeks you’re
intermediates, and the last two weeks you’re advanced. Since these are
my last two weeks here, I’m considered advanced. Two Elders in my
district, Elder Hart and Elder Chapman, were asked to be zone leaders
over all the North Americans. Me and my companion, Hermana King, were
asked to be the Hermana Leaders over all the North Americans. As
Hermana Leaders we interview other sister missionaries, plan out
Sundays, and go to leadership meetings. We’re excited for this
leadership opportunity!
I was really close with a couple of the Latinas that were here these
last two weeks! Me and my companion sat with them every day at
breakfast lunch and dinner. They didn’t know English, so all our
communication was Spanish. I taught one of them a Christmas song in
English and she taught me Feliz Navidad! I love them! I will really
miss them.
This last Saturday I was able to leave the CCM and go proselyting! My
Spanish definitely needs some work haha. I had a great time though! I
was able to talk to a couple people and give away a Book of Mormon. I
also shared my testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon
with a man named Marco and a lady named Sandra. We also taught someone
about the Restoration, which was when Joseph Smith restored Christ’s
church on the Earth. Peruvians are so kind to everyone. I could truly
feel that they were interested in what we were sharing with them. We
were able to go to this little town called Churrillos, it’s in the
Lima South mission. We were up in houses along the mountain side. The
mountains here are all loose sand and dirt, very different than back
home. The houses are made out of concrete or just whatever they could
find, with tin roofs and most of them just have dirt floors. Overall
it was an incredible and humbling experience and I can’t wait to go
out to Arequipa!
On the bus ride back from proselyting we saw a car accident! It was
pretty scary. I’m actually surprised we haven’t seen more than this
because the drivers here are so crazy. This guy driving a truck ran
directly into one of those guard rails on the freeway. Crazy!
I’m excited to spend Christmas here! I’ve become really close with my
district here, they’re like family to me. I’m really glad I get to
spend it with them! The president of the CCM is planning something
special for Christmas day, it’s going to be a surprise! Also, since
the CCM doesn’t have many missionaries we get to Skype home Christmas
day. I can’t wait for that!
So one of the teachers for our districts name is Hermana Altamirano.
She is a convert to the church like me! She shared her story with us
and it made me cry because it’s very similar to mine. Her and her
brothers and sisters are members of the church but her parents are
not. A lot of the Latinos out here are converts as well. They’re
usually surprised to find out that I’m a convert!
Some fun facts about my district: So in my district, I’m the oldest.
I’m actually the oldest out of all the North Americans here. So my
district has decided to give me the nickname of Grandma haha. I’ve
also taught everyone in my district how to do that Indian whistle
thing with your hands. My companion, Hermana King, can jump rope on
her butt. Elder Olsen has this crazy cough that he gets every year for
a month. Elder Olsen and Elder Lish are the only two red heads in the
entire CCM and they’re companions. We calls them the peli rojos. Elder
Hart got a 36 on the ACT. Elder Chapman is from South Carolina and he
says yall and all yall all the time and it’s rubbing off on all of us
to the point where we say it all the time too. Elder Lish can
impersonate Chewbacca and Hermana Gallagher can do the R2D2 noise.
Hermana Rushton is the most AMAZING singer you’ve ever heard and her
dad is #1 in the Iron man challenge in the US. They’re all so awesome
and I love them!
I wanted to share some scriptures with you all this week! They’re all
from the Bible. Each scripture testifies of doctrine of The Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Malachi 4:5-6 The sealing power is restored to the Earth, Ezekiel
37:16-19 The stick of Judah (the Bible) and the stick of Joseph (the
Book of Mormon) are one in the hands of God, 1 Corinthians 15:40-41
the kingdoms of Heaven are described, Matthew 16:19 eternal marriage,
Acts 20:28-30 The church will be perverted after Christ passes away,
John 10:16 the other sheep talked about in this scripture is referring
to the people Christ visited in the Americas. You can read about
Christ coming to the Americas in the Book of Mormon 3 Nephi 11. 1
Corinthians 15:29 Baptisms for those who have already passed away. I
know that this church is true! I have read the Book of Mormon and it
has changed my life. I know that if you read it and pray about it with
real intent, it can change your life too.
Well, that’s all for this week. Love you all! I’m so grateful for your support.
Until next time,
Hermana Celardo

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